April 18, 2017 WezYanz

Idaho Bear Hunt

Well thats going to be the end of the bear hunt for me in Idaho this year. Although I can not say I put my tag on a bear I can say it was still an absolute success. I learned a little more about bears and I was able to share the Idaho backcountry with a couple of old friends and one new friend that are beasts in this STEEP rugged terrain.
I also think we went in a touch early even though it was a light winter and we expected the bears to be moving earlier than they actually were. I am truly starting to believe that regardless of snow levels and winter conditions these bears are SOLID on their internal clocks. And to be totally honest I think the missing snow and very light winter made this years hunt tougher than normal, not a little easier like you would have thought. Just my opinion.

And not having spent alot of time in this country I have to say, Idaho has some of the most rugged and beautiful backcountry I have ever seen. This was a week long trip and there was never a moment that from any direction you looked it wasn’t  a spectacular view.
I want to give Zach Owens a big thanks for the invite and for showing us some amazing country. Your a beast man and I had one hell of a time. Looking forward to next year. Only a little bit latter…..
Ron Elmer