April 18, 2017 WezYanz

Full Draw Film Tour


I know some think this has been beat to death, but we are very proud to have one of our films in the tour and win an award. First we kind of bucked the system by throwing in a youth hunt among some bigger names and great films, and were shocked to here it had made it to the top ten.

Second, to hear the feed back and it be so positive was amazing!
We honestly were on the fence about submitting this film but after talking to the rest of the team we thought that if all this film did was reach one person who understood what the message was it would be worth it. We take every hunt we do very serious and put our heart and souls into it but if we dont take the time to do the same for our kids and other youth hunters what kind of message are we sending? They are the future of what we are all so passionate about. And many of these youth hunters look up to us just like they do professional athletes. Take the time to show them that we care and help them achieve goals that they see us put so much effort into. It can be a life changing experience and very powerful message. This was hands down the most emotional and memorable hunt that I have ever been apart of and something I will and can share with my daughter for the rest of my life.
Thank you for all the positive feed back and inspiring comments from all of you that watched it. We are very humbled. And a big thank you to the team we have put together over the last few years, its going to be an amazing ride and a lot more great films to come. Thanks Gary Wilson for all the hard work you put into the tour. Amazing buddy!
Ron Elmer.